It’s The Little Things in Life…

That make me happy :)
Nail art attempt by moi, Los Angeles, CA.

Sunday, 4th March

Experience Lucent Dossier

Lucent Dossier, The Palace, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, 19th February

Happy Hearts Day

Vernon, CA

Tuesday, 14th February

Escape from L.A.

I’ve been in So-cal for the last three months. I am DYING for a getaway. I’m thinking somewhere warm, but I’m not picky :) Just get me outttta here!

(Photo taken at) GRR, Michigan.

Saturday, 26th November

A Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for food, food, and more food!

Los Angeles, CA.

Friday, 25th November

Cool Bike, Dude


Venice Vintage Motorcycle Show, Venice Beach, CA.

Thursday, 27th October

Missing Summer Brights

Oh summer, how I miss thee!

The Standard, DTLA Los Angeles, CA.

Friday, 14th October

The Signs…Are…Everywhere…

But what do they meaaaaaaan?!?

Taipei,Taiwan. London, United Kingdom. Pompeii, Italy.

Friday, 14th October
I do not care what car you drive where you live. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. If your clothes are this year’s cutting edge. If your trust fund is unlimited. If you are A-list, B-list, or never heard of your list. I only care about the words that flutter from your mind. They are the only thing you truly own. The only thing I will remember you by. I will not fall in love with your bones and skin. I will not fall in love with the places you have been. I will not fall in love with anything but the words that flutter from your extraordinary mind.
Tuesday, 4th October

Ain’t No Party…

Like a Moroccan themed party.

Sun Valley, CA.

Sunday, 25th September